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Hiking in Mellieha


Hiking in Malta

Discover the Beauty of Hiking in Mellieha

Hiking in Mellieha, where stunning landscapes, rich history, and vibrant wildlife come together to create unforgettable outdoor adventures. Nestled in the northern part of Malta, Mellieha boasts a diverse range of hiking trails suitable for all fitness levels. From easy coastal strolls to challenging ridge walks, each trail offers unique glimpses into the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this picturesque region. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a casual walker, Mellieha’s trails promise breathtaking views, serene environments, and the opportunity to connect with nature. Embark on a journey through Mellieha’s scenic paths and experience the charm and tranquility that make it a hiker’s paradise. Hiking is recommended during the cooler months of November through to May.

1. Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park

  • Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate
  • Description: Il-Majjistral Nature and History Park offers a variety of trails that showcase Mellieha’s natural beauty and historical sites. The trails range from easy walks to moderate hikes, making it suitable for all fitness levels. You’ll encounter diverse flora and fauna, as well as stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Majjistral Nature and History Park – Majjistral Nature and History Park, Malta

2. Popeye Village to Anchor Bay

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Description: This easy trail takes you from the iconic Popeye Village to the picturesque Anchor Bay. The path is well-marked and offers breathtaking coastal views. It’s a short hike, perfect for families and those looking for a leisurely stroll.

Premium Photo | Famous Popeye Village at Anchor Bay, Malta


3. Mellieha Ridge Trail

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Description: The Mellieha Ridge Trail offers hikers stunning panoramic views of Mellieha Bay and the surrounding countryside. This moderate trail is ideal for those looking to explore the area’s natural landscapes and enjoy a bit of a challenge.

The Best Hiking Trails in Il-Mellieħa (Malta) | Wikiloc

4. Selmun Palace and Surroundings

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Description: This trail takes you around the historic Selmun Palace and its scenic surroundings. It’s a moderate hike with some uphill sections, offering a mix of natural beauty and cultural heritage. The trail provides excellent views of the coast and the countryside.

File:Selmun Palace Malta.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

5. Ghadira Nature Reserve

  • Difficulty Level: Easy
  • Description: The Ghadira Nature Reserve trail is an easy walk suitable for all ages. It’s a perfect spot for bird watching and enjoying the serene natural environment. The trail is short and mostly flat, making it accessible for everyone.

Għadira Nature Reserve | Birdingplaces

6. Red Tower to Paradise Bay

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate
  • Description: Starting at the historic Red Tower, this trail takes you to the stunning Paradise Bay. It’s a moderate hike with some elevation changes, offering incredible views of the coastline and the opportunity to visit one of Mellieha’s most beautiful beaches.

Saint Agatha's Tower - Wikipedia

7. Marfa Ridge Walk

  • Difficulty Level: Moderate to Hard
  • Description: The Marfa Ridge Walk is for more experienced hikers. It offers a challenging hike with rewarding views of the rugged coastline and the islands of Comino and Gozo. The trail is well-marked but involves steep sections and rough terrain.


These trails provide a variety of options for hikers of all levels, showcasing the natural beauty and historical significance of Mellieha.

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