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Sustainable practices

Our Green Commitment – Sustainable Practices

We have adopted and made a number of investments towards sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment.

  1. Solar collectors – Hot Water
  2. Heat pumps instead of fuel
  3. Energy Saving Lighting
  4. Highly efficient chillers for our air-conditioning
  5. Reduction in use of Single use plastics
  6. Eco Friendly Cleaning products
  7. Use of recycled plastic.

Solar Collectors / Solar Panels

Since 2007 Luna invested in 30 sets of solar collectors. These collectors are located on our roof and produce 610KwH; channeled into our hot water. In fact during the Summer months approximately 80% of our Hot water is heated using the sun. The remaining 20% is heated using highly efficient heat pumps.



Heat Pumps

Three modern heat pumps have been installed since 2016. These Heat Pumps have allowed us to virtually stop using our boilers and thus consuming zero fuel to heat our water, provide central heating, as well as heat our indoor pool. Heat pumps are designed to produce heat and cold simultaneously, these highly efficient machines use less electricity and thus reduce the emission of CO2. Our engineers have designed a system where the heat pumps heat is channeled into our Hot water system and the cold is channeled into our Chillers (air-conditioning). In this way further minimizing energy losses and use of electricity.


Highly Efficient Chillers.

Two screw type chillers, which are Circa 25% more efficient than traditional air cooled chillers are installed at Luna. These chillers use the cold received from the heat pumps and then further cool down water which is then circulated into all our air-conditioning units across the property. Using 25% less energy to cool the water these chillers allow us to only use one chiller at a time for the whole property having a back up chiller when necessary. To further assist and reduce demand on electricity for these chillers; all rooms are equipped with Energy Saving switches, that cut power when guests are not in the room as well as a magnetic switch that turns the AC off when the balcony door is open.


Energy Saving Lighting

Only energy saving light bulbs are installed through out the property. Use of LED long life light bulbs not only reduces our carbon footprint but also further reduces waste when replacing these light bulbs. Sensors and energy saving switches further turn off unnecessary lighting reducing waste.




Single Use Plastics & Recycling

We are committed to  reduce single use plastics. Our team has been trained to reduce the use of single use plastics where possible and recycle as much as possible. In fact we have eliminated from our stock and use plastics straws, plastic cups, plastic cutlery as well as not using miniature toiletries in our bathrooms. All of our beverage PET bottles are collected and sent for recycling. Separating bins are available through out the property and guests rooms to allow our guests to assist us on this mission.



Recycled Material

Where possible we priorities the purchase of goods and equipment that is made of recycled material. All our housekeeping trolleys and public area mats and carpets are made of 97% second life plastic. Our toilet paper and disposable hand towels are all made of recycled paper.




Eco Friendly Cleaning products

Where possible the cleaning products we use are environmentally friendly, all of which are conforming to EU directives and are ISO certified. Our major supplier of chemicals is also committed to reducing their impact during the sourcing, production and delivery of there products.




Our commitment

We have made a number of investments through the years and together with all our team we actively try to find ways to minimize our CO2 emissions and our impact on the environment. We will continue to learn, improve and invest towards our sustainable practices.

Sustainable practices - Luna Hotel