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Surrounded by a magnificent crystal-clear azure sea, Malta’s strategic location at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea has enriched it with abundant historical and cultural heritage making it unique in every aspect.

The Maltese archipelago consists of the islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino offering beautiful weather most of the year and surrounded by crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. With circa 400,000 inhabitants spread over 316sq km, Malta offers a colourful synthesis of rich history, long-lived traditions, picturesque beaches, vigorous nightlife and natural escapes.

Maltese people are renowned for their warmth and friendliness. The majority of Maltese people can speak both Maltese and English fluently whilst most inhabitants are also confident in Italian.

Malta’s capital city Valletta is a national gem, with history and cultural legacy engraved in its every corner. Mdina, the former Maltese capital, is known as The Silent City and prides of exhilarating beauty and heritage. Malta is also home to the Hypogeum, chosen by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, as well as other prehistoric temples, cathedrals and architectural splendour.

Malta offers a remarkable nightlife for people of all ages. Enjoy a bottle of wine at an exclusive wine bar, a beer at the beer festival or party till the break of dawn at the vivacious Paceville town. Look out for the Maltese calendar of events so as not to miss out on the best venues and dates. Malta is the place for sea, sun and fun!



  • Isle of MTV
  • Wine Festivals
  • Village Festas
  • International Airshow
  • Various concerts
  • Beer Festival
  • Mdina Grand Prix
  • International Fireworks Festival
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